Friday, April 17, 2009

Upates updates updates

First of all may i say sorry for not coming on as much as i mean to anymore, life is just getting a little hecktic, but i will update you on it.

Brocks World:
Brocks anckel is fully healed and hes been trying to run, but that usally ends in a face plant. He peed in the potty the other day 3times! I give him the fact that he was starting elsewhere but as soon as i grabed him he stopped till we got to the potty. That boy is still in our bed, and we're saving up money to get him a twin size bed, so we can kick him out. That boys mind is expanding everyday, it amazes me. He just started counting, he can count to 3. And hes gotten in to a coloring mode, everyday he colors.
He had a good easter, he went on a easter egg hunt, his first one and he did great.

The hubbys world:
My husbands schedule changed again. (y i haven't had time to blog) His schedule got our schedule all messed up! So my hubby works 3days, and during those three days hes 8hrs on 8hrs off. INSANE! Then the fallowing day is training, after that 2days off. But he hardly gets those 2days off. So i don't get to see my husband, brock has become paranoid and wont sleep when daddy is home. So we have late nights and early mornings and somedays no naps....i'm wearing thin...the whole family is.

My world:
I just started pure romance! yay! i had my first sale today! yay! And as of now my first party will be the third! yay!
My book, as far as that goes is on hold. once my nanny! billys cousin comes here to help us out i will have time to excape so i can write my book.
As far as my friend goes, well after i read her message off myspace she texted me asking if we were still friends. I told her to be honest i'm offended, and i will just need sometime to think. But i still texted her and stuff. And i even invited her to girls dinner night while the hubbys were working.
If your going to hold yourself on a pedastole and judge weather or not people are disrespectful then don't act it!!!! She came into the resterant w/a friend i said hi to them her friend said hi back. "my friend" said nothing. She didn't say a thing throughout dinner, and when i said goodbye...nothing. So i'm not bothering w/her anymore.
A few days ago we went swiming w/a group of people. I brought along molly, because i heard "that friend" was going. I brought molly so i can while billy is playing in the water, take molly and brock to a side of the beach so we can enjoy ourselves and not have an akward tention w/that one girl there.
I felt a little bad and almost said hi to her. Because while her husband was out in the water w/mine she was all alone. But i didn't because like i said i tried and she didn't put forth any effort, so i have washed my hands of her.
Other than that things are going okay, i have my depressed days from not seeing my hubby as much but it all goes away when he gets a day off. And it gets put on the back burner when i got out, so i'm trying to do that more, brock likes it. I'm excited that compass is starting again...hopefully we can get brock on a normal schedule w/it....

O! i almost forgot. Billys grandma called to let us know his greatgrandma is selling her house. She is going to try to talk the price down for us, so we could have a chance in buying it. Then we will rent it out till we are out of the military and can go home. The house its self is small, one bedroom, one bathroom, and a basment. But the yard! IS 50ACRES!!!! How nice would that be? i know it seem impossible for us, for how young we are but i am still praying like crazy, because it would be nice to have a house where we want it when we come home. Also Brock would be able to grow up right next to his greatgrandma. Please say a little prayer for us.

Heres some pics for ya'll:


Lishak said...

Awww...isn't your little man handsome in his easter outfit! Cute!

Miss Hope said...

Oh yeah, we'll be working on some Compass this week! woo hoo! LOL

Love the pictures and we'll chat later bout the rest of the stuff. lol