Thursday, November 12, 2009

Welcome Back

"Welcome back," Yes thank you, I know ya'll are thinking this because it has been forever and a half since I have blogged, but I have rediscovered my blogging need. I love to write, and when I discovered blogging thanks to Miss Hope, I had filled a little hole in my life. I do not know why I stopped but what matters is I am back.

Since last April as ya'll know we got extended here in Kingsbay, GA. Thats right no Sicily! At least not when we entended on going. The biggest upset was not going home, we had planned that I would go home for about 4months to pay off our debt, besides the car. But after a few days of being upset and hating the navy I came to my senses in the fact that all things happen for a reason and there are some positives to us not moving right now. It finally came down to a "Whew! What a big move we just dodged!" I really don't think we were ready for that big move quit yet. Now don't get me wrong we have not lost our orders and we are still going to Sicily, in July to be exact.

Also we almost got our son potty trained! Our methods my be a bit strange but hey it works. What we did: Let Brock run around naked. He peed in the potty and held his poop, till one day he had his first accedent. Brock was very upset about the whole situation we just told him its okay and next time please make to the bathroom at least. A week later we had poop in the bathroom and he was letting us know when he had to go. The only problem was and still is, he has a hudge problem sitting and pooping at the sametime, but its a work in progress. After this coming week we are going to try to wear undies, hopefully since he has a problem going in dipers he will catch on fast.

I just want to appoligize I have not been on, and I am going to try to get on more often now. Kind of like I used to.

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