Friday, November 20, 2009

Being Skinny has its downsides

I love to shop, just as much as the next lady but have you ever felt like nothing fits you?

I find the cutest clothes but i'm just to skinny or too short...when does it end?!

All i wanted was a pea coat, a cute one too. So we went to Maurces where I have been durling over this fleace pea coat for weeks, we finally had the money so on the way home from a 4hr day of shopping....we had to stop at that store for that one thing that I wanted and all I was getting that day...guess what? They had 4 of them, and not one small!!! So I looked around and thought well maybe I don't need that certain one, I can get a wool one...before I even looked at the sizes I stopped to look at the price...HECK NO I'M NOT PAYING NO $80 FOR A COAT!!! So we moved on...and all the other coats they had there...not one, not one size small. The lady asked if she could call another store for me to see if they have one and I said forget it, we've been out to long today. I was crushed :(

We got back in the car, and my hubby mentioned that old navy did have a lot of pea coats some that even looked like the one I wanted, just without the wrap. So I said okay lets try it. And to my surprise they didn't even have a medium! UGH! So depresed we went home.

Then I thought...its modren times, we are all blessed with online shopping! So guess what first online store i went to...yep, Maurces. I found my coat and my hopes started to build up and I click on the down arrow for size and only option was XLarge. How is it that they only have one size...ONLINE?!!!

So I tried Old Navy...samething. Upset I just quit for the day.

And today, I started the search over again. Aeropostal, its one of my favorite stores, they have pea coats and their cute! Guess what size they all were, I don't even want to say you know....

I searched all over, I found some cheap ones on cant figure out their sizes. Then American Eagle...yea I'm not paying $100 for a coat...I might as well get the real thing at the clothing store on base. Then it clicked to me, berlington coat factory, why I wouldn't think them...I don't know. But still none I liked and the ones I did, not in my size. I tried one more store...Kohls.

You know Kohls say to expect great things! I did not expect to see a pea coat that I like in my size at a decent price! SCORE! Just missing my debit card so I have to wait for the hubby to get home. So I shopped some more at Areo online, he came home to see what I have found, and my reasonable hubby says, how about my next weekend off we go try on everything you have in your shopping cart right now. LOL

I just hope that A: They have that pea coat at Kohls, in the next 6days, and B: If they don't that its still avalible online...if A and B don't work, I just might have to kill my hubby for trying to be reasonable!

So is it just me or does anyone else have this same issue?

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