Sunday, January 25, 2009


If ya'll haven't heard I landed savely in JAX last night, I was tired!

Brock and I got up early sat. to get to the airport. My mom then bumped my ticket up. You know how they say show up two hours before your flight leaves. Usally it seems like a waste of time to me because I end up waiting and 1.5hours before they even board, but i still show up 2hours a head of time. This time I was glad I did.

First we did the electronic check in and it spits out one ticket....I'm riding on two planes...but sometimes I guess it does that. We also look at it and it is my second flight its from IL to JAX...missing the first flight. So we had to get help and re-print the ticket and get both this time. On the way through security.

Usally I cut the line because I have a baby but the line was only a few people long, so we waited. We get to the point where they check your ticket to your ID i don't know why I didn't noticed, but it was Brocks boarding pass. The lady asked me, did you get a ticket for yourself. I'm thinking we'll no i'm just going to let him fly on his own. So I tell her i'll go back and figure it out and it seemed like she wasn't going to give it back. I had to repeat myself a few times, before finally getting the tickets back. So we went back to the check in and got my tickets too.

So about and 1.5hours later we finally boarded. The first flight was really nice. I bought tickets for Brock to sit on my lap so he wouldn't have his own seat. A nightmare I know but its cheaper. Well there was enough room in first class that the guy next to me moved to give us more room. I thought it was very nice of him and I was very greatful. A lot of the flight Brock just sat in his own seat taking crayons out of the box putting them in his lap and putting them back in the box again. We came home with about half the crayons. I always thought that the hot towel thing in first class was a joke, because it didn't happen on our way to WA, but i am proof it is real!!!! And its really nice, at the end of the flight they came by with hot towels for people. I honestly didn't know what to do with it, I just watched what everyone else did. I wasn't about to put it on my face but I washed my hands with it. And to end a good flight good, we were early.

We arived in IL about 30mins early and thank god for that because my gate was on the other side of the airport. To make matters better Brock wanted to walk all the way there, which i wouldn't mind if he would have just gone the way I wanted him to. The backpack killed my back infact my shoulders still hurt. My purse made me feel like my arms were about to fall off and Brock just made matters worse. It was nice to finally sit down when I got to the gate for less than a second. Brock decided he was just going to get out of his chair and check out the airport. I am glad it wasn't long till we boarded our plane.

The second flight was short and the plane was small. This flight it was just Brock and I to one seat. He spent most of his time standing infront of me pulling the magazines and barf bag out of the seat and handing them to me and putting them back. He fell asleep a little before we landed and he wouldn't wake up. Everytime I would get him up I would look down and he would be asleep again. After we got up and moving we got out of the plane, we climbed down some stairs to stand right where they usally park the planes...never done that before and I really didn't like it.

We finally got to the airport! I let Brock walk/run to daddy and he bent down to pick him was really cute. We went home thinking Brock would go to sleep when we got there. He was to excited to see his toys and went to sleep about 1:30am. He did sleep in till 12 this morning so I can't complain but I was up most of the night because someone can't sleep alone anymore. Brock was kicking me all night and complaining like I was in his way but I was falling off the bed. At one point I got so annoyed and just said "WHAT!" I guess I broke his little heart, because he lost it. So after calming him down I tried to sleep again and he did the same thing so I gave him the outside...ya bad idea...i slept a good half hour but woke up to a thump...Brock fell off the bed.

Right now it is 1am again...and Brock just went to sleep, i got to wake up in 8hrs for his appt. so I will most likely do a blog on that. Have a good night...or day should I say?

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Lishak said...

Glad you made it home safely. You got to fly first class, huh? Cool! Travelling with a baby is hard work and I don't envy you! Welcome home.