Friday, January 30, 2009


Hey ya'll TGIF! Not really for me, my husbands week is going to continue through the weekend. Nothing new for me.

My week started off taking my son to the clinic. When we left for washington we left with a bag full of mediciane because the little man had fluid in his ear and we didn't want an infection. So we wanted to get it checked, unfortunatly he also had a nasty cough. So we left with amazing cough drops. It said to give it at night and as needed. Well he was really bad when we got back so I gave it to him. He slept for 2hrs! I see why were supposed to give it at night. This is day 5 and his cough has calmed down a lot.

Tues. was the first night of Compass. I helped volenteer. I love compass, I learn something new everytime. I did the same thing Wed. and Thurs. When I got home last night I had left my phone on silent and someone was upset i didn't pick up my phone. He got over it, after putting a ice cold bottle of water on my neck. After that he felt he could go to bed happy.

Leaving for compass last night broke my heart. Brock had just woken up from a nap and caught me sneaking out. So i had to say goodbye and he lost it. He watched me leave ignoring daddy, till the car had pulled out all the way.

But I heard good things about this week and my son. Wed, i heard he was a brat to daddy. He would climb behind him on the couch and kick him till he moved. He moved to the other side and Brock fallowed to do the samething. Then my husband was trying to write stuff down and someone was flickering the lights.

But last night I guess he was just being cute. He made a touch down on the video game. learned how to make himself dizzy. And learned to open the frige and grab his if he could only shut it. But thats all for today someone is really thriving for some attention.

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Miss Hope said...

Dads need that time. It was always so hard for me to leave my kids with their father...because what would they do without me? LOL They learned quick. I'm so glad you came to Compass! I was tired at the end but I had a really good time.