Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great Grandpa Cook

I believe you all know, but my husbands Great Grandfather passed away this pass Thursday. Although it was to be expected that he wouldn't make it through Feb. it still was a unexpected death. I don't know in my head I kept thinking that he would beat the cancer one more time and maybe live forever.

When I first met this cute little old man, he was sitting on his stool with his pants undone and told my now husband how he got himself a pretty girl. As I dated my husband more and more I heard more and more amazing stories about him.

I learned that he was one of the young men that road on a train from the east coast to the west looking for work. In his late 80s he would fall trees in his back yard by himself until his family wouldn't let him anymore. In his late 80s he was healthier then we'll ever be.

About 2years ago Grandpa Cook caught cancer. First they just kept cutting it out. And he fought it and kept winning but it will always come back and they would always give him a few more months. Finally Grandpa Cook went into radiation treatment last year due to the fact he had no ear left. I left WA with the family telling me he doesn't have long.

In November they told us he only had 6months left. His pain medicine made him see buffalo in the backyard, he was not doing good. By December he was doing better then the month before we thought he would get better once again and beat the odds.

We went to WA knowing we would never see him again, but with the hope it wasn't true. Seeing him in a wheelchair killed my husband. He knew he hated it in there and Grandpa told everyone he couldn't stand being in the chair. Which makes sense when he took care of everything and now was having people take care of him it was eating him up.

My husbands time in WA ended and when he said goodbye to his Grandpa, his Grandpa said he'll never see him again, hes done good with his life and he'll miss him. After that my husband was very quiet in the car. I've never seen him like it before.

The fallowing wed. night Grandpa fell out of his chair and broke his hip. Grandma and Great Grandma took him to the hospital. The fallowing morning he passed due to a blood clot in his hand. I was supposed to go to my moms that Sat. but due to Grandpas death I had to stay with the family, i just couldn't leave them that way. I'm one of those strange inlaws that is closer to her inlaws then to her own family. So it was a hurt to me too.

This was the first time someone close to me had passed. I'm going to miss that goofy old man on the stool with his pants unzipped very much but I am glad he didn't feel pain, and suffer from the cancer in the end.

Grandpa Cooks obituary:
Alex "Cookie" Cook

Alex M. Cook, of Granite Falls, WA, passed away peacefully in his sleep on January 15, 2009. He was born in Maynardville, Tennessee on March 14, 1917 and resided with his wife, Betty, in Robe Valley for the last 66 years. Alex was a World War II veteran, he had a long career as a logger then retired from Snohomish County Public Works in 1983. Alex loved camping, fishing, playing his harmonica and guitar and spending time with his family. He was instrumental in starting up the Robe Valley Fire Department and served as the Fire Commissioner for many years.
Alex is survived by his wife of 66 years, Betty; his three children, Marie Tharp, Joann (Bill) Gordius and Rick (Brenda) Cook; grandchildren, Bobbie, Pam, Becky, Angie, Kyle and Timmy; eight great-grandchildren; and eight great-great-grandchildren.
Alex was preceded in death by his parents; six siblings; and his son-in-law, Bob Tharp who passed away in 2004.
A celebration of Alex's life will be held at 2 p.m., on February 7, 2009, at the Granite Falls American Legion Hall.
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Robe Valley Fireman's Association.

RIP Grandpa I'll miss you and so will many...


Miss Hope said...

My sympathies to your family. I'm relieved you were there and able to say goodbye.

Lishak said...

What a sweet post! Your way with words has truly honored Grandpa Cook. The way you described him is really touching.