Sunday, March 15, 2009

everybody is sick

My weekend started off okay. Thursday night the hubbs and I had a nice date, except during the middle of our movie i get a phone call from the sitter. "Brock just puked, do you got a thermometer or Tylenol?" I told her where everything was, she said he still seemed fine and to finish our date. He didn't puke the rest of the night.

Since he was acting normal we didn't think anything of it...except when I woke up at 3am in a cold sweat, and puking myself. Because of no temperature and the curse of the women i quickly thought..."O crap could i be pregnant." Then i thought maybe it was the sea food i ate on my date, its been years since i had sea food because i got sick on it then. To top it all off, my mom was flying in from WA. My mom and i have a awkward relationship as is, and we're trying to mend it, i don't need to be sick while shes here.

It went fine, i went to Walmart not thinking i haven't eaten all day because i felt nausea all day. I almost past out at walmart waiting to check out. But i made it home safe and in the mood for some subway. I ate half of my foot long and was ready to puke again. My mom left, and I layed Brock down with me to get him to go to sleep early. As soon as he calmed down and rolled over, he started coughing. Then that nasty puking smell stunk like sour milk and it was in my bed! I quickly grabbed Brock before our conferter got splattered on too, and i looked for something to clean him up. When from behind me I hear a puking noise fallowed by a splatter noise all over my bedroom floor!

So now i got it all over me, all over Brock and my room is redecorated. Trying not to puke myself i had to clean the mess, before drawing Brock a bath. Brock slept good all night...i didn't. So i guess i got sick from him. I texted Brocks sitter about it and she said, "yeah he got me sick too." She ended up in the ER about 9 that night. While i lived in the bathroom for 2hrs.

The next morning i felt better. But i was itchy. I went to wake Billy up scratching myself, telling him i must have gotten attracted last night by bugs. Just then i looked down and I'm covered in a nice spotted rash. All over my arms, my chest, my back and my thighs. I did a rub down with benadril itching cream and although it looked awful i felt a lot better.

At 5am Sunday morning Billy comes home from work, complaining about his stomach hurting. Great hes sick too but he wasn't puking at first. Then that came, he had to take the day off, because he was to shaky to stand.

I woke up, barley able to walk. Every joint in my body hurt. And still does. Closing my hands hurt.

But the bright side of my weekend is Brock is walking again, hes limping a little but at least hes trying now. I learned that i am a size 2 jean now. And although it was great to see her it was great to see my mom leave. The unspoken tension is gone.

I'm hoping next weekend goes better. I'm ready to rest for a few days.

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