Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Blog

Hey i did have two new posts up but after reading them Miss. Hope brought up a good point. I created Bonitas thoughts to post about my present. About Brock and my husband Billy and yet they drive me nuts i still love them.

I have recently started writing a story about my past. With the positive feedback i decided to continue. But Hope said it might be too raw to post on Bonitas thoughts. In note to that i have started a new blog that will consist of my story only. I need as much feedback as possible inorder for it to be great.

It is mostly for my own therapy, but if it can, it would be nice if it ended up helping others about divorice, mostly kids dealing with. To show them that they are never alone. Although they see it all the time and its the new "norm" you feel alone when it happens to you. So i hope you fallow my new blog, comment it and encorage others to read it too.

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