Monday, March 9, 2009

my weekend

The weekend started of okay.

My hubby was ditching me to hang with his friends, Friday night. But it was okay since he only seems to go out once a year. That was until at 5am i get a call, "were going to the beach!" After hanging up with him it took me an hour to process what was just said and what was going on. Oh hell no. I called him up telling him i was upset that he had kind of abused his privileges. I told him he could stay out don't bother turning around even though he wanted to because he felt bad. He told me to call him when i woke up.

I woke up at about 8 and called him. i asked where he was and he said i don't want to tell you, you'll be mad. Well, tell me, you don't know unless you do. He went to DAYTONA!!!!! i kid you not, i wanted to reach through that phone and kill him. There is a difference between going to the beach and going to Daytona. It didn't help either that Brock had woken up with a fever and i had to cancel our date. After yelling at him, he said he come home right away. I saw him about noon. He ran a little late because he had to suck up and buy me something.

It was really sweet, he got me two anklets one means love and the other passion. But he still wasn't off the hook. Brock tempt. lowered quiet a bit so we went to the water front to cheer Brock up. Cheering up it did, that boy ran around forever. When we finally got to the playground i put him in the baby swing, at the time the sun was setting. When we finally got him out of it...kicking and screaming mind you, it was pitch black outside! How do you swing for that long?

We woke up Sunday morning early to hit the cracker barrel for breakfast. Then it was off to the zoo we went. We figured go on a Sunday. Why? Because its the south on a Sunday the zoo would be empty. I'm thinking everyone else in the state of Ga/Fl thought the same thing. It was insane there.

By the time we got through most of the zoo Brock was headed for a melt down. We quickly found the play area for kids. We had just got there when i decided I'll take him down the slide. If i would have known what was going to happen next i would have never gone down that slide. Towards the end of our trip down it his foot got caught between me and the slide. OUCH! We didn't think it was that bad since he was headed for a melt down anyways. It was no surprise to us that he cried as much as he did. We thought that his foot getting caught just set the melt down off.

Feeling bad and thinking it would calm him down we walked/jogged to the gift shop to get him a toy. It wasn't really working, so i tried to set him down to go run around and find something. That's when he went limp on the side he hurt his food and fell into my arms, and started crying again. Then i started to worry. First thing we did....took of his shoe. It was purple, red or swollen. not broken, that's good. We got him a toy and left. He slept the whole way home.

We were thinking about taking him to the ER, but since it wasn't showing symptoms of being broken and he could move his foot and toes we figured wait till morning make him a appt. unless he starts walking on it.

Long story short couldn't make him a appt. went to the ER and i have given my son his first sprained ankle. I feel awful. I keep buying him treats and little toys to make me feel better. It looks like he might be walking by tonight. Finger crossed.


Miss Hope said...

Bless his heart! WE always do stuff as parents that make us cringe and wish we could turn back the clock. He will be fine and prolly more so than you! LOL

Lishak said...

Aww poor Brock! I hope he's feeling better. Sounds like he had a fun weekend, overall, though!