Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday, a fun day

Yesterday i was to lazy to go get Brock more milk. The only reason he drinks it is because its his security blanket. That in the right sippy cup works magic, i swear its amazing!

So poor Brock got challenged yesterday with not having milk in his sippy but water. Please congratulate him, he did it. He noticed there wasn't milk in it but he still took it, just had it less. I'll have to keep it in mind for when we start weaning.

I believe Brock's sippy full of water all day and night, resulted in puking in the morning...all over our bed. Poor guy was trying to sleep in with his daddy too. It was about 10 and he usually wakes up at 8 latest.

We had plan to go to the carnival and although Brock was feeling better we decided to skip it anyways. We didn't want a repeat from this morning. So we just went to the waterfront to let the little man run around.

He did good wasn't showing any sign of being sick it was great. We spent about an hour there. I'm surprised we made it that long because it was WINDY! We couldn't keep the hoods to our hoodys up. But Brock loved the wind no matter how cold it was. I was freezing my butt off.

After that we had to venture to walmart. Have you heard the expression its about as crowded as a walmart on Sundays....ya every Sunday after church is crowded at walmart. It was simple though we just needed milk for Brock and food for Billy. He gets to spend two days at work. Not looking forward to it.

We then went home. As soon as we got home I ordered a pizza online for us, for lunch and dinner. It was because we thought Billy would be leaving the house a little before dinner time. So after about an hour and no pizza i finally called domino's, a little bit peeved. They had informed me that the lady had left to deliver our pizza about 20mins ago. I'm no idiot i know where domino's is, it takes 15mins tops to get there from my house. About 5mins later she showed up. I take it she doesn't get that many tips. I don't tip if your late especially if I found out you left 20mins ago! I'm a harsh costumer.

So the night went on. Billy got ready for work at about 530 and left a little before 6. Brock wont fall asleep for his naps if Billy is home. So as soon as he left Brock grabbed his sippy and cuddled with me on the couch. Not even 5mins went by he was out.

At about 15 till 7 i get a phone call from Billy. I'm thinking hes breaking the rules and calling me while standing post. *tisk tisk* Nope i was wrong and so was his MA1 and everyone else that told him he had to start at 630. Nope he doesn't have to be there till 1230 tonight. So he came back home, in the middle of me doing my blog and wanted special attention since Brock was sleeping. Ya i knew it wouldn't work because Brock was just taking a nap. Hes awake and has been 15mins after Billy came home.

I'm going to enjoy as much time with my hubby before he leaves me for two days. Till then enjoy our pictures from today.

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Lishak said...

Those pics are so cute! I'm glad you had a fun Sunday. :)