Friday, February 27, 2009

My little brat

We all know that everybody has good days and bad. Well, today was a bad day...not for me but for my son.

He woke up before us and when i woke up i noticed he wasn't in our room and the house was quiet. (if i had music on this post this is where you would hear the dun dun dun) When I found him he was in his chair just waiting for someone to turn on his cartoons. How perfect is that?! I thought it was going to be a perfect day.

But as the morning went one he did a whole 180 degree flip with his attitude. First he threw a fit in my face and was hitting me not only with his hands but with a spoon! He smacked me in the lip good, there went time out number one. He still hadn't lost his trip to the local carnival. But it continued.

He kept doing things he wasn't supposed to pushing my buttons. And when he was confronted about these acts we would get a fit that involed hitting, falling on the floor and kicking. It would get him into time out once again. By then i had decided that we were not going to the carnival he had lost that trip. I told him hat if he makes a turn around we'll got play with Shanaras girls after lunch. He started off great, after i told him that.

Then daddy woke up. I told him how Brock was acting and we were no longer going to the carnival because of that. I got a awww come on, he isn't being that bad. He didn't mean to hit you with the spoon. Soon he saw how his son was acting up. Now he was pushing his luck with daddy. I ended up getting kicked! So I texted Shanara and told her that Brock is not going anywhere today.

Before Billy left for work, i got a text from Stacey inviting us over for dinner and Brock can play with Ben. I informed Brock if hes good after nap we'll go play with Ben. The whole time i was hoping he would because i didn't want to cook. About an hour after that only one time out, Brock let me lay him down for a nap. He not only fell asleep on his own but early at that. A complete turn around. He slept for 2hrs and we left a half hour after he woke up. Things seemed to be going good.

It wasn't too long before Brock started getting moody at Staceys house. There was a toy Ben was playing with. Now Ben is only 8months old so he isn't walking yet but hes crawling. Brock walked up to the toy and pushed it far away from Ben, sat on it and started to play. Ben fallowed and started to play with it. As soon as Ben let go of the toy Brock pushed it away.

So Stacey finally got out another toy similar to the one Brock was taking. it didn't take long before Brock was trying to take that away from Ben. Then Brock was trying to push Ben out of the way. What a spoiled brat!!! Brock got yelled at about it and came crying to me. I told him what he was doing wrong and told him to stop it. He calmed down and went to play. Ben was on the floor when Brock (standing over him) picked up a toy truck, and held it out over Bens head. I yelled, "BROCK! i don't think your about to do what i think you are!!!" He instantly pulled the toy to his chest and "pretended" to play with it i guess. I say i guess, because a second later Brock dropped it on Bens head as soon as i turned my back to him. Ya he did time out for that. And I got him in his pjs and we left. I figured it was time for bed and Ben was tired too. But i couldn't believe the way Brock was acting!

I know my son is selfish because hes a only child and doesn't play with other kids his age much. But the way he acted at Staceys towards Ben was embarassing, usally people tell me how great of a baby he is and how lucky we are. We usally tell them he doesn't show his true colors when we're out but i guess now he is. So keep your babies away Brock will show them how not to act plus i don't think they're heads are safe around my son.

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Miss Hope said...

Oh, girl, he was having himself a bad day. We have them...we're just vocal about it! LOL You're doing great with him. Keep disciplining him and loving him. It's really tough being a parent some days, but I really think the good outweighs the bad....most of the time. LOL Hang in there!