Monday, February 23, 2009

just an update

A few updates.
The day after my last post i got onto the online banking and found out that our check didn't bounce. In fact as i went over our transactions over and over again. I saw that our tax return went through, then right after we have a return check fee...? umm ya i was upset because a few days later there is our rent went through. I still have to talk to the landlords and say it went through it was a mistake on the banks part. I am so done with Navy Fed.


This Sat. was a very busy day. The whole family had to be up and out of the house no later than 7:45. We were out by 7:40. My hubbs went to belk where his car club was meeting up for the parade. And I went to the sitters to drop Brock off for a few mins. Then i ran back by my house to the church there to pick up food from angel food ministries.

It was the first time doing it, so i only got one package of food, because i wanted to make sure the food tasted good. For the record i don't think you could get better tasting food. So we're deff. doing that again next month.

After that i dropped the food off at the house. and went to pick Brock up. Molly and her husband Keith were supposed to fallow me to the parade, but Keith was at Walmart taking to long. i left there at 9:15, probably was cutting it a little close. 9:40 i finally parked. The first thing i did was called Hope. I needed someone to hang with at the parade else i would have been bored out of my mind. So i met up with Hope and some other people.

So it was Brocks first parade and dumby me forgot the camera. Thank goodness Hope was there. She took some really good pictures for us. Thank you again Hope!

After the parade we all went our separate ways. I think i called my hubbs 4times before finally getting a hold of him. Let me tell you he does not listen!!!

We met up, and i think i told him like 50times at least that Brock is a little grouchy because hes hungry. Lets either eat at a restaurant or go to the car find a ATM get cash and get food. We get halfway to the car and he still didn't know what we were doing. He said i caused a seen because i flipped on him in the middle of the street. We ended up going to the car going to the bank, then to sonic then back to the fair. Finally everything was all good.

We stayed at the fair for probably an extra hour before going home. not even 2mins in the car Brock was out cold and then took a two hour nap at home. That boy was tired.

Then about 3, i asked the hubbs what are we doing for dinner. If we're staying in then i got to get the steaks out of the freezer ASAP, or are we going to peppers with his section. I hear the most helpful words..."i dont know." Why cant they ever pick?!!!! i finally pushed him to pick and we ended up going out with his friends. My crazy husband decided to buy the biggest $15 margarita. He was drunk, in fact all the guys were drunk. We then went to his friends house to continue their night. They all got embarrassing drunk and the night ended very late. But i still got to sleep in the next morning.


Sunday came. Our "fasting" day and i woke up with a cold. And i was starving! My hubby said i could eat normal food that day so i did. He gave in mid-day. We need more will power to go a whole day fasting. We had a nice lazy relaxing day.

And its Monday and i'm still sick. Hopefully tomorrow i'll be better.

Heres the pictures Hope took for me:

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Miss Hope said...

You're so welcome! It was my pleasure. With 3 kids, I've learned to keep the battery charged in my camera and ready to go! I got so tickled seeing you hold him by the seat of his pants so he wouldn't take off and join the parade. Very handsome baby boy. Glad we got to spend some time together!