Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Monday

Ugh its monday, and I couldn't feel any worse. Brock decided to wake up at 12 last night and stay up. We had to force him to sleep by just going to bed and traping him in our room. One day I hope to not share my bed with him. Anyways, I wake up about too feeling sick, alcohol is a monster. Just like any other night though I was falling off the bed because the boys take up so much room. Sick to my stomach I asked my hubby to move over so I can lay in the middle. I don't think he understood me because he just went from his side to his back leaving less room. Peeved, because of no room on the bed, my neck hurting and being sick i just took a blanket and slept on the couch. I finally fell asleep about 3. My hubby woke up and saw I was gone and told me I could have the inside or the middle but I passed, until Brock woke up and I had to deal with him. It didn't help he wanted to lay on mommy. So after my horrible night of sleep we finally got up about 10.

We finally got moving around 11, and left to go to the mall area. My hubby wanted to look at some gear for work, so we went to the Army Navy store. I saw the funnest panties there. I sent a pic to Miss Hope and some other people about them. I guess they are a new way to support our troops and sailors. They had every branch of the military and on the butt said anything from "Anchors Aweigh," - "Booty Camp." They cracked me up.

After that we had a nice family late lunch at Steak and Shake. I love that place, and we go whenever we are down by the mall. Usally Brock is awful at resterants, he throws little fits, gets bored, makes mess and usally ends in a melt down. But today my amazing boy made mommy happy. He just stabed his food with his fork and was happy doing that. So we got him some icecream and on the way home he had a melt down. I knew it was coming he was just being to good and sweet. We got home and he took a nap, and now its my turn.

I hope ya'll had a great weekend.


Lishak said...

It sounds like you need to go to the mattress store and buy a king size bed! It'll solve sooooo many issues! :) lol

Miss Hope said...

We LOVE Steak & Shake! When we go home for visits, we time our leaving around a meal so we'll have an excuse to stop and eat. The Boy usually behaves pretty good there. Must be the atmosphere!

Neighbor Debbie said...

OH Bonita, as I was reading your post it took me back to when my kids were little and it seemed like the only time they wanted to play with mommy it was when I was sick and I guess they figure now it the best time to see if Mom can turn into a Jungle Gym. It was 6 against 1 so you can guess who won. I so hate being out numbered. I feel for u girl I really do but it will get better. Hope your feeling better soon.