Thursday, February 19, 2009

my day today

So Miss Hope has been bugging me to put up a new post. I don't blame her, i haven't been on here in a long time. And i am very sorry.

Anyways today was a shit day. Sorry for my language but it was. First the sitter and I had a great plan. She would go to her dentist appt at 2. Then text me when she was done, so i could leave for mine. While she head to my house before my hubby left to watch Brock. It seemed like the best plan, except there is no room for erer. Billy had to leave for work before 3. The sitters appt. should have been done by 2:30. And mine was at 3.

I got a text from the sitter at 2:15 saying that she had just finally got in and they are running behind. I just got Brock layed down for his nap. I told her if i don't hear anything by 2:40 I'm leaving...but that would mean i would have to wake up Brock at 35after. Hardly enough time for a nap, i felt bad. I got him up at 2:35 and she texted me saying she was almost done. So i told her we'll just switch cars when i got there.

I got to my appt. on time. That went well. I've been having a lot of problems with my teeth being really sensitive to sweets. So i thought i had cavities. I do, i have three but in between my teeth no where near the pain. It turns out that my teeth are just really sensitive. Nice, i was really hoping for a quick fix...ya that ain't going to happen.

So I went to go pay our rent right afterwards, because i had gotten a letter in the mail stating our check had bounced. It had to have been right before we got our tax return, anyways i hate navy fed. So i went to the office and they didn't even know about it. They wanted me to get a money order because of the situation. That was completely understandable. Except for now on we have to pay each month in money order. Is that really needed? we've lived here over a year and this has never happened, and i went in to work it out before they knew. Ugh i was so pissed. Its just a waste of time and money to get a money order between now and when we move. It just kind of ruined my day.

I'm sorry that my first post in a long time is a not so happy one but what can you say i didn't have such a happy day. I'll try to do better tomorrow. Have a good night ya'll.

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Lishak said...

Ugh, I know what you mean about the tooth sensitivity. I thought I had cavities too. But no, just sensitivity! That really sucks. :(
I hope your day is better today.