Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another one?

So you grow up and you get married and you have babies. That is the norm.

Well, we knocked out baby one and got that out of the way. Really, he wasn't planed. It was planed we would wait two years after being married. We were married in May and Brock was born two weeks Dec. I keeping hoping he never puts the math together. Anyways we decided if Brock we're to have a sibling they would be 3yrs, 4 the latest apart. Well if we decide to have another one we should start trying after we move in 8months.

But we're both not sure if were ready for another one. I keep thinking that if we didn't have Brock our two year is coming up would we have really stuck to the plan? I honestly don't think so. To be honest i hate kids. There are very few kids i like and even less i love. So if our greatest mistake never happened then we probably would never have had kids. So i start thinking that we shouldn't have another one.

Then there comes along the fact that i am the only hope for my parents having grandkids. They got Brock and love him, but they both wouldn't mind another one. They both have other kids but don't count on them to have kids. I think one is gay and the other is just getting to old. (I'm glad they don't read this) Don't get me wrong i love them both. So now i feel under pressure, plus with time not on my side i got that pressure too.

About 3weeks ago, my husband asked me so are we going to have another one. My husband is perfectly content just having one. So i tell him i don't want to if your not 100% on board with me. He said yes he would be if i really want another one. But then i started thinking...i don't even know if I'm 100% on board!

I'm just rambling now. But it turned out that we had a talk last night. We're just going to put it off our mind till after we move and get settled in, And if we do decide to have another one a lot of things have to change. Brock has to sleep in his own bed and fall asleep on his own. He needs to learn how to share, and that mommy cant give him attention all the time. Brock would learn how to pick up after himself. O and the hubby would have to make more money.

Was it hard for you to have another one?


Neighbor Debbie said...

OK remember this is my OWN opinion. For me personaly it wasnt hard to have another one, ( remember I have 6). The question for me was I done with having kids. Finally after my last one I was pretty sure I was done at least at much as I could be. The test for me was when a friend of mine had her new baby. I of course ran right up and snatched him up right quick. Ohhh he smelled so good and was so darn cute... but I didnt get that OHH I want another one feeling. There is my rant on me.
Now to your question. I feel and have known some people that just want one. One is a good number and they are fine with it. I have heard people ask them when are they going to have another one? Their response is .. We only wanted one. I have even heard people say that they are being selfish not having more. I think it is selfish having more just because someone would like you to. If you or your hubby arent 110% sure then dont. You dont want to regret having another one just to make the inlaws on both sides happy. It is your family and in the end only you and your hubby can make that decision, since you are the ones that have to raise them. And girl you have time dont rush into something your not sure about. IF ya need to vent you have my number.

Lishak said...

Oh my goodness! I feel the same way! Only, in my case, it's deciding if I want one at all. I, too, don't really like kids. But everyone says it's different with your own kids. So I wouldn't know what to tell ya! But good luck with whatever you guys decide to do!

Lishak said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I don't have your email to reply to. You are right, though, there are rarely anything good in the GA ones. I usually shop at the thrift stores when I'm in Charleston. They have a lot better selection. :) You could try Orange Park or Jacksonville. They probably would have more.