Friday, December 12, 2008

Going Home

Jan. last year I was getting ready to leave the state that I had lived in for 19years, with my little man. We were moving across the country to just about the smallest base I have ever seen besides Everett Homeport in WA. To be honest I was a little excited for the new adventure ahead of me.

I was nervous about flying with Brock alone because he was only a month old. We didn't fly sooner because I was scared that my c-section scar would pop open. Call me crazy but it did when they took the staples out it was a little part to small to do anything about and it to recovering a lot more painful. But that's a post for another day. I really didn't want to be that mom with the annoying screaming baby on the plain. But it worked out perfect, I gave him Tylenol before boarding and he slept through the flights.

I thought living so close to FL that it would be a lot warmer in Jan. I was a little wrong, it was a little chilly but it beat cold wet WA. My husband picked us up and I was so excited to start our new life as a family here in GA.

In about 3weeks we'll be flying back to WA on leave. I have never looked for to cold weather so much in my life. I wanna see snow, (we both grew up in the mountains my husband and I so we're used to seeing snow at least once a year) and relaxing in my husbands grandmas back yard staring at the peak of the mountain. That is a priceless view.

My husband is staying a little under 2weeks there because his leave got cut short, but Brock and I are staying a few weeks extra. Don't worry Hope we'll be back in time for Compass. I loved that class and wouldn't miss it for the world, plus I love spending time w/my family but not that much time if you know what I mean?

I know when I board that plain to come back to GA, I will be sad like last time but nervous too. My son is a year older and most likely will be more of a pain. So if there are any suggestions anyone could give me on that one would be great. He would be riding on my lap.

I'm so excited to go home! I can't wait, it can't happen soon enough...


Miss Hope said...

Ha ha! I was gonna say you needed to be back by end of January cuz you're gonna be working with us!

I know how you feel about home. I love seeing all that is familiar and dear to my heart. It's hard leaving, but sooner or later they'll get on my nerves and I'll be ready to get back to my house and my stuff. LOL

Have a wonderful and safe trip and don't forget to check in while you're gone! That's the joy of blogger, as long as there's a computer and internet connection, you can blog!

Lishak said...

Don't forget to take pics of your beautiful views for all of us who haven't been to the North West!
Also, I think Coty flew with a year old boy. Her boy played with a mini Magnadoodle most of the way. Also don't forget snacks! That's about all I can think of.

Bonita said...

i'll try to check in as much as possible but staying up in the mountains technology hasn't caught up yet and they only have dial up so i'll do the best i can.

Also Lishak i will take tons of pics i'm getting a new Nikon for christmas so i got to play with it a lot.