Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My "Weekend" Mon-Tues

My husband has a weird schedule, this week is his short week. He only works two days. So since he worked all weekend, our weekend started on Mon.

Monday was a very relaxed day as our first day of the weekend usually is. He got to sleep in a half hour later than Brock and I. Big whoop, if your going to sleep in make it worth it. He lounged around the house a little bit then left to get our loan (so we can have a good Christmas and go to WA on vacation), he needed a hair cut, cause his hair was poking around his ears some, and his first class was getting on him about that. After that he went to pick me up some buns for dinner and he did some shopping at the auto store. When he got back that's when I started moving....sloooowwwwwly cleaning house, while he worked on his car.

Poor guy didn't get much done w/his car that he wanted to, he said today just wasn't the day to work on it. So he took Brock out on his new car and pushed him around.

The day Brock got his new fav. toy the car

Tuesday; our Sunday; we decided to do some Christmas shopping. We went to target first on the count that I had a gift card to it. We tried to look at toys for Brock, we didn't like any of them. So we tried stuff for my husband which he didn't really want anything more considering we just spent 100+ on crap for his car. So we did Christmas decorations cause we don't have any! We're just starting off together so we're still buying stuff for our lives. My gift card and some went to Christmas decorations.

After that we went to payless, there were these super cute boots I wanted from there, that became on of my presents. My husband never knows what to get me so what we do is I pick out what I want and he buys it.....its a good system I think.

We then went to Duval road where the shopping center is. Brock fell asleep right when we got there, he has the best timing sometimes. Checked out all the stores then at Gander Mountain, for no reason at all Brock just started crying, we figured it was time to go....the problem....getting my husbands but out of the store. He didn't know if he really wanted the sunglasses he was getting. Sometimes hes worse than a women.

We drove home and stoped at k-mart for clothes for Brock cause someone needed more jeans and since hes a baby he grows fast so we don't spend much on his clothes, k-mart had the best deals. Someone stayed asleep on daddy's shoulder the whole time. So feeling bad that we were right next to the house and would most likely wake him up we drove around till he woke up.

I wasn't feeling good so my hubby bubby hung the lights and finished decorating the house, we still have to hang a few more things but for the most part we are done. So for the most part my weekend was good. I love spending time with my boys.

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