Thursday, December 11, 2008

UGH!!! I'm so peeved

It started a few days ago when my husband came home telling me that they're not going to tell us that we got our leave for new years till about a week husband is an E2 in the navy, what makes them think we can afford plain tickets a week before we leave? Thank god we put in for a loan. Then on top of that he told me his schedule might be changing again.
Right now he works two days on, two off, three days on, two off, two on, three off....ect. Its going to go from that to two on (those two days he'll have to stay at lower base w/out coming home) two off, then two days of training. He was trying at the time to point out the good stuff about it, like "I'll only be working 8hrs instead of 12," he told me, ya but I'm not going to see you for two days. Then he would say, "Since I'm quelled on everything most of the time during training i will get off early," ya that's if they're not helping out with the subs can't say exactly what. And when hes done training before they made them sit there, weither quelled or not, all day. So i find it hard to believe he'll get off early.
Well yesterday my husband came home with some bad news. First one was, our leave is getting cut by 3days at least. Because of the I'm just going to call it "sub help" they have to do. Everyone else got they're whole entire leave, the thanksgiving people and the Christmas people. We my husband and I decided not to be selfish and pick new years cause not many people would pick it and we just wanna go home we don't care when.
That being said my husband is going to check with his first class to see if he can wait to go on leave and get his 15days later. In all honesty i bet they will tell him yes and it will never come, i stopped trusting what they say and not believe till its on paper and signed. If that doesn't work then my husband said hes going to let Brock and I stay longer in WA. Its nice and I'll probably do it but I'm going to miss him.
And the last but not least, they are changing his schedule. So I'm just peeved right now. I know there is nothing i can do about it but sometimes the navy just ticks me off. A lot of people say in his command its not the navy its this base, and its not the base its the command. But 9 1/2 more months and we get to see if it was true.
I got my vent out, going Christmas shopping today after Brocks nap so that'll cheer me up. Also going to call my mama and vent to her, it always feels better once I talk to her.


Lishak said...

I'm so sorry about your leave! Navy schedules can be the pits sometimes. Hopefully things will get better. That's one crazy schedule!

Miss Hope said...

You go right on ahead and have a hate the Navy day. I promise it won't be the last and we won't hold it against you.