Monday, December 15, 2008

My husbands grandma, I love her like my own

A few days ago, I started wondering if we had enough to get our tickets eventhough we got a loan. It just kind of worried me because they've been telling the guys that their leave is approved a week before they would leave. So I searched site after site after site for the cheapest tickets I could find. It turned out I found some that all together it would cost us somewhere around $900+ not including tax. So we had enough but would have money left to really enjoy our vacation, because every payday we have just enough, I mean we use every penny on bills, gas and groceries.

Its like god heard my prayers and understood my concern, because the following day my husband was talking to his grandma and she offered to help us pay for the tickets as our christmas presents. Bless her heart she is the kindest person I know. Shes done so much for us, without ever asking for us to give back.

My husbands grandma does so much. She is the retired commistionar at the local volunteer fire dept. and still does all the work. She works 12hr shifts at the hospital a few times a week and never hesitates to go in when she gets called in. She takes her dad to his cancer treatments, and takes care of him and her mom.

When we had an issue with my family and needed to get my husbands car back she loaned us the money at the drop of a hat for us to get it back. She didn't even care if we did pay it back but we did. We're probably one of the only people in the family that would.

When we decided to get married and couldn't set a date till a week before, she not only helped plan it but she paid for it. Everyone said it was a great wedding, she did a great job.

She is such an amazing person, I know it helps that I married the favorite in the family. But she seems to always be there when we need her the most. Do you have anyone in your family like that? That eventhough they can't afford it they do it anyways? I know a lot of people don't really get along with thier inlaws but I'm one of the few that do, and I am blessed to have found my husband who has a grandma that god gave such a kind heart too.

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Miss Hope said...

So glad you're going to be able to go home for holidays! I hate flying with a passion and am SO glad we can drive where we need to go. Whew. I'd be a basket case. Can you see me taking my son on a plane??? ha ha ha ha ha