Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My baby is 1

My baby is finally 1. Hes my first so its a really big thing to me, I guess turning 1 is a big thing for any mom. Anyways it just hasn't hit me yet that he is 1, its hard to believe that last year I was in a hospital all day waiting for this little bugger to come out.

For any parent you know that having a baby is a blessing and also a learning experience. That's why a lot of people say the first one is more of a trial run and the second one turns out okay. Its funny but kind of true, (for the record I believe my first is going to be just fine lol) with the first your new to everything, and by the time number 2 rolls around your a pro. Let me just emphasize on what I have learned this past year:

I never grew up around baby's, I actually felt awkward around them and pretty much never expected to have any of my own. So when my little bundle of joy came around, even though I have practice on a doll for 9months how to change a baby's dipper, I still had the nurse sit there and watch me to make sure I was doing it right. That was my first.

I was lucky w/my son he was a eater from day one and to this day he can't get enough food. Where does it go I don't know hes average weight and short for his age. So breast feeding was something for me to learn but he did most of the work. Until it was time for me to eat. Learning how to hold a baby in one hand and breast feed while trying to eat my hot meal was something to learn. And I learned fast it isn't going to happen I was just going to have to wait. So I learned how to eat cold food.

Then every mom knows this one....waking up at night. Ugh! I feel like I haven't slept in a year. First it was every hour. Then every 2hrs, when we got to every 3hrs it was like being in heaven. But now I look back and I got more sleep back then, cause he slept all day and when he was asleep I was. Now he just takes 1 nap a day (what happen to the 4 he used to take) and he'll sleep mostly through the night, sometimes he wakes up at 1am and wants to play. One day I plan to have an undisturbed day I hope.

So once you get past the first few months, you start to notice something different about them....he could lift his head up w/no problem. That's when you learn to get excited about the littlest things that if you weren't a mother you'd think whats the big deal.

They start moving more and more as months go by and you learn the hard way that you can't just lay them on the couch anymore and do the dishes. We believe our son has a hard head.

Then they start crawling and you learn to put everything up and out of reach...that's until they start climbing, and that stuff you put out of reach is no longer safe. So we tried putting stuff in drawers and putting baby locks on them. For some baby's that might work, but mine opened it as far as he could and yanked on it until the baby lock broke. So there went that one.

You find out saying "no" to your baby is the worst thing you could do...according to them. You see all sorts of tempers flying around and you and your husband play the blame game...who did he get it from. The other day my son threw a fit, he was laying on the floor screaming but we couldn't see him and he couldn't see us. So he stopped and dragged his body across the floor to where he could see us and continued....its hard not to laugh at that. son was getting his first few teeth. Nobody told me you could get dirrea from teething! So freaked out when my son had dirrea for over a week and was ready to go to the hospital. Lucky for us my husbands grandma is a nurse and told us if he starts acting sick take him in, and don't worry about it.

Then there was walking...I couldn't wait for him to walk! Then he started walking and I was ready for him to crawl again. This boy fallows me all over the house and hes faster now that he is walking. Another thing I learned just wait cause once they learn something new your gonna wish they never learned it.

Now that he's been walking for a few weeks, we're starting to find things in weird places. For instance I found a dvd and a torned up baby wipe in one of my kitchen drawers. We found my husbands sandal in the toilet...maybe someone will learn to put the seat down now. Hes turning more and more into a little boy. Even though hes no longer considered a baby he'll always be a baby to me, my little baby.

Heres Brock on his birthday eating his cake:

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Miss Hope said...

Isn't it just wild how fast kids can grow? That's one of the reasons I started blogging. It's my way of scrapbooking. I want my kids to be able to look back and "hear" my thoughts.