Sunday, December 28, 2008

This past week...

Sorry I have not posted in a long while. I've been so busy with getting ready to go home and Christmas and on top of it all my son got sick.

Before Christmas my son came down with something. He had a high fever, and stuffy nose. I got him a apt a few days later. Of course that was one of his better days, no fever and just a little stuffy. But it turned out he had fluid in his ear, but not enough to do anything. I was just thinking well give me something for him we leave less than a week! They gave me more Tylenol for the plane trip but we leave tomorrow and its already half way gone...why you may ask? He started his fever again till the weekend. And then I woke up with a stuffy nose that just got worse during the day. My husband took good care of me and put the vaporizer right next to me. Little did we think our son was going to put his finger in it! He burned it good, there went some more Tylenol. He had a blister that wrapped nearly around his finger, it poped on its own and looks really gross. Then the next day, last night, he decided to fall a little to close to the filing cabinet. He ended up smacking his face on it cutting his eyelid.

Now I have to go to the clinic with a baby whose finger if burned and eyelid is cut. We just keep saying hes trying to hurt himself before we leave. Cause also yesterday he decided to pull the end table on himself, its very heavy wood, lucky for him his mama can fly across the living room and catch it before it falls. This boy is not helping my stress issues right now.

So we're all packed we managed to pack everything in our carry-ons. I also bought a huge purse today to help out. I hear its starting to rain again in WA so the snow is leaving but we'll still get to play in some.

But I got to go finish the dishes don't want to come home to a dirty house. Also finish packing. Its off to WA we go. I will post hopefully when I get a chance.

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Miss Hope said...

Ha ha...I get home and you leave! Prayers for safe travels and let me know how it's going on the West Coast! See you when you get back!