Wednesday, December 17, 2008

He makes my day

If you couldn't tell by now my son is my world. Even though all day everyday he throws numerous fits, and somedays i just want to pull my hair out. But he usally does one thing that just makes it all better.

For instance, his new thing is. taking a wipe and scrubbing the couch, who even thinks of that.

Sorry todays is so short but i got a story:

When I started dating my husband he would tell me he would fall from a bunk bed in his sleep and not wake up. I was like ya right thats impossible, you'd wake up if you fell from a normal bed.

Well my son has been in a toddler bed for about 3weeks now? Anyways he hasn't fallen out once. But last night we were watching TV while the rugrat was sleeping and I heard a loud thump. I asked my husband what was that? He said its probably his sippy cup. My son wont sleep without his sippy cup, and offten you hear it hit the wall. About a half hour later my son wakes up on the floor! So the thump was him falling and he didn't wake up. I thought it was so funny, I felt bad of couse but it just cracked me up. I didn't think that could happen.


Miss Hope said...

You need to get a picture of that next time!

We had the cup issue for a long time!

Lishak said...

I'm so glad you get such joy from your little boy! That's a cute little story!